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The frequently asked questions below will cover many of the questions you might have about the Dominican Republic, Casa de Campo and Villa Vista Mar.

Currency, Credit Cards, ATM’s
The Dominican Peso is the official currency of the Dominican Republic. The exchange rate fluctuates but is generally pegged to the U.S. dollar. U.S. dollars are easily and gratefully accepted for most transactions, as are traveler’s checks. There are several banks in the Casa de Campo marina that will exchange dollars for pesos.

Credit Cards are widely accepted, including at the grocery stores. Before you leave for your trip, your credit card company can tell you the rate of exchange and you can compare it to using dollars or traveler’s checks.

There are ATM machines in the hotel lobby and at the marina that will accept most ATM cards.

Several airlines service the Dominican Republic from around the world. The closest airport is La Romana, which is 5 minutes from Casa de Campo. It is serviced by American Airlines out of Miami. Santo Domingo Airport is a one hour drive from Casa de Campo and the Punta Cana Airport is 45 minutes. Several airlines have direct service to these airports from major metropolitan airports around the world.

Spanish is the official language of the Dominican Republic, however, most employees of Casa de Campo speak some English, including waiters, caddies, store clerks, etc.

The weather in Dominican Republic remains tropical year round, with only slight variations in the months. The average annual temperature is around 85° F (25° C.)

    Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
High F 79 82 80 82 82 85 85 85 85 82 82 79
  C 26 28 27 28 28 29 29 29 29 28 28 26
Low F 65 65 66 66 68 72 72 73 72 72 68 65
  C 18 18 19 19 20 22 22 23 22 22 20 18

November to April is considered pleasant, warm weather, relatively low humidity and low precipitation.

May to October the average temperature rises to 87° F (31° C) during the daytime and drops to about 72° F (22° C) at night. It does rain a bit more often during this season, especially from May to August, but usually this turns out to be no more than a 30-minute tropical shower.

Transportation to the Villa
Most visitors pre-arrange for a taxi or limo service to pick them up at the airport. Check the internet or The one way charge is normally about $120 from Santo Domingo or Punta Cana and $20 from La Romana airport.

All drivers accept U.S. dollars.

Villa Arrival
The Villa Manager or staff will greet you upon arrival and be available to familiarize you with the Villa operations.

Car Rental
You do not need a car for transportation within the resort; you can travel by touring cart. Taxis are available at the hotel for travel to La Romana, Santo Domingo, the casino, etc.

If you do decide to rent a car, there are car rental companies within the resort or at the airports, or you can call Prestige Rentals at 809-550-7227 or

Hotel Facilities
In order to use the hotel facilities, pools, golf, beach, etc., you will need to check in at the Villa Owners' Club when you arrive. While checking in at the Villa Owners' Club, you will be issued a resort pass. The rate per villa is $25.00 per day, per adult for a resort charge card that will entitle you to use all of the facilities and charge any services such as golf, shooting range, horseback riding, food at the beach, etc. They will give you multiple cards so each person in the villa can charge. Before you leave, you must go to the Villa Owners' Club and pay the bill. You may use a credit card if you desire.

Touring Carts
Four passenger-touring carts are the preferred way to travel within Casa de Campo. Two carts will be provided with the villa, check your Rental Agreement to determine if they are included in your rental rate or will be billed as an extra. If you require more than two carts, it is important to reserve them with our manager, as far in advance of your trip as possible, so they are available for your use.

Tee Times
Tee Times should be reserved as far in advance as possible of your trip. Fax your tee time request to 809-523-8800, call 809-523-8045/8115 or email to

Rates to Play Golf
The rates change by season, therefore, it is best to contact the tee time coordinator or call the pro shop at 809-523-3187. You will be classified as a "golfer in a private villa" and pay a flat rate per round including golf cart. Often, there is also a twilight rate at one or more of the courses.

Telephone Service
Your mobile phone may work in the Dominican Republic. Check with your carrier before departure if you need it activated for your trip. You can also rent a mobile phone at the airport upon arrival. The Villa has a phone for local use. Upon departure you will be billed a small fee for each call on your credit card bill from Casa de Campo. If you use the Villa phone to call overseas, you will also be charged on the Casa de Campo bill. The Villa has WIFI service so you may use your Skype system while in the Villa.

Requirements for U.S. Citizens to Enter the Dominican Republic
A valid U.S. Passport is required to enter the Dominican Republic.

Casa de Campo has an English-speaking doctor on-call at all times and a nurse on staff. Bring your prescription medicine with you or call the local doctor to have it filled at a local pharmacy. If you need medical attention, they will take you to the new $30 million dollar hospital 5 minutes from Casa de Campo.

The Villa outlets are 110 volts (same as USA.) Electrical adapters (for our European visitors) should be brought with you. Hairdryers are provided in each bathroom.

Even though Casa de Campo has its own water supply that is filtered, it is recommended that you don't drink the water. The villa has bottled water in the kitchen and in each bedroom.

Arrange for Food, Beer and Wine and Dinner Reservations before Arrival
You can email the Owner who will arrange for reservations for restaurants, shooting range, baby sitter, butler, driver, masseuse, etc., in advance of your trip. In addition, he will purchase and deliver provisions for the Villa selected by you, (i.e. breakfast food, wine, snacks, etc.) These items are not included in your rental agreement and you will have to pay the Villa Manager at the end of your trip by cash or check (made payable to the Villa Owner.) There is no charge for the Villa Manager services; however, tips are very much appreciated.

Villa Staff
Two maids, one gardener, and our gourmet cook will work everyday while you are there. They work from approximately 8 am to 4 pm depending on the workload required. If you need a butler, driver, masseuse, baby sitter, etc., the Villa Manager will arrange for them. Exact expense of the services will be charged to you. You may also request that the maids work earlier (if you have earlier tee times) or later (to serve drinks, etc.) Maids will be most appreciative of any tip at the end of the trip. (Normally around $100 for the head maid and a bit less for her helper, but the tip is entirely up to you.)

Children are very welcome, but it is critical to be very cautious around the swimming pool and jacuzzi. The interior marble floors are very slippery on wet feet. The pool does not have a separate childproof fence, therefore, it is a hazard and you must observe the utmost control over the children at all times. It is also critical to watch them on the stairs to the second floor where there is no railing, on all outside balconies, and the balcony overlooking the living room. These are dangerous areas and an adult must supervise the children at all times.

Attire for Dinner
The attire is generally casual, however, most men wear long pants at night, which is required at a few restaurants. In the winter months, the temperature at night may be 70 degrees or below. When riding in the carts to and from dinner, it may be a good idea to bring a sweater.

The Villa is a no smoking villa except outside in the pool area. This is very important for future guests. Please also respect our neighbors in terms of noise.

The Villa has its own laundry. Our maids will do your laundry for you, often on a daily basis.

Santo Domingo
Santo Domingo is about a 1-½ hour drive from Casa de Campo. You may want to take the trip for a look back into history, shopping or restaurants. Santo Domingo is the oldest European-settled city in the New World with the first cathedral, the first hospital. No other city in the Caribbean has a greater variety of restaurants and nightlife. There are so many restaurants in this city that it is practically impossible even for those who live here to have visited them all.



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